Tactictal screen

The program provides graphs of all essential data like Speed, Course, Windangle etc. In addition the software calculates VMG, Performance and Target Boatspeed based on polar data. The calculated data can be output in a customizable NMEA sentence to display on a repeater. In addition the software displays a rudimentary tactical display with laylines,heading and a simple electronic chart. TacticTool has evolved from the wish to be able to analyse sailing performance during and after sailing in parallel with normal navigation. Tactictool offers valuable insights into a yachts performance and provides essential information for decisionmaking and sailtrim during regattas. TacticTool can be used standalone during round the buoys races, or combined with a chart-plotting program for longer races or passages. TacticTool is also an excellent tool for the cruising yachtsman to establish the proper sailtrim to sail faster.